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Advanced Communication in Science

Last modified: 10. June 2024

Advanced Communication in Science 2024

Online communication course in English / FLYER »

29th of April,
6th and 13th of May
2024. (8 am-12 noon)


After completing the registration form, we will inform you about further details via email.

A Short Introduction of Topics and Speakers »


Detailed program

29th of April (Monday)

07.50 AM      Welcome & Housekeeping - László Orbán (MATE, Keszthely)

08 AM          Open Science and Open Communication in Science – Máté Varga (ELTE, Bp)

09 AM          Ethics in Science – Judit Padisák (PE, Veszprém) 10 AM Coffee break (15 mins)

10.15AM       Diversity of Research Competencies – Katalin Solymosi (ELTE, Bp)

11.15AM       Conferences and Workshops – Ferenc Mueller (U. Birmingham, UK)

12.15PM       Discussion


06th of May (Monday)

07.55 AM     Housekeeping - László Orbán (MATE, Keszthely)

  8 AM           Scientific Self-management – Szabolcs Nagy (MATE, Keszthely)

  9 AM           Illustrations: Papers, Posters and Lectures – Ildikó Szeverényi (MATE, Keszthely)

10 AM          Coffee break (15 mins)

10.15 AM      Publishers and Journals: Where (not) to Publish – László Orbán (MATE, Keszthely)

11.15 AM      Scientific Communication: The North-American View – Jeffrey GriUitts (MATE, Gödöllő)

12.15 PM      Discussion


13th of May (Monday)

07.55 AM      Housekeeping - László Orbán (MATE, Keszthely)

08 AM          Writing and Submitting Manuscripts – Ákos Horváth (MATE, Gödöllő)

09 AM          Revision and Resubmission of Manuscripts; Appeals – László Orbán  (MATE, Keszthely)

10 AM           Coffee break (15 mins)

10.15 AM      Collaborations and Networking – Mihály Pósfai (PE, Veszprém)

11.15 AM      Outreach – Beáta Király (HUN-REN ATOMKI, Debrecen)

12.15 PM      Discussion and Concluding Remarks


21st of May (Tuesday)

08 AM – 11 AM Consultation - László Orbán and Szabolcs Nagy (MATE, Keszthely)


Date TBD

Written exams for credits or certificate (three days are planned)


Organized by
László ORBÁN & Szabolcs NAGY
Institute of Aquaculture and Environmental Safety & Institute of Animal Sciences
Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Hungary

Coordination and administration: Bence IVÁNOVICS (